Performing Arts Building Projects



The performing arts hall is an open plan performance space that can have different stage positions, at centre end, centre middle or in the round. Set and staging can be constructed appropriate to the stage preference. The space is enclosed in a black-out stage curtain that draws the audience into the performance. A second curtain divides the space into one third/two thirds allowing smaller performance spaces for more intimate events. There is a one metre gap behind the curtain and the walls which allows cast and crew to move unseen by the audience. Lighting is centrally controlled and lights are mounted on electrically driven lighting bars to allow easy adjustment of the fixtures. The temperature is automatically controlled and maintains a comfortable temperature. The space also has projection capabilities with three projection screens and high quality projectors. Phase two is to add a surround sound system to enhance performances with digital sound. This has had final approval from the governing body but is awaiting the allocation of final funding.

In 2009 we also installed a mezzanine platform between the performing arts hall and the main school hall in the back stage channel. The aim of this was to organise and store the drama department props and costumes wardrobe. This freed space on the lower level to construct storage facilities for the permanent pieces of steel staging using a stacking system making the environment safer for students and staff to access.

In Dec 2010 the drama rooms received a much needed refurbishment creating a more open plan  structure, relocating the department office from the back of the building to the front adjacent to the entrance. The upper school studio has been lengthened and will include seminar and resource spaces. The GCSE performance space has also been opened up by the addition of glass windows to allow light to flow round the space. The end of the corridor has been sectioned off to create an ICT and multimedia space which will be fitted out with workspaces and computers for watching performances, exemplar material, editing video and completing coursework. The bespoke furniture will arrive later this term and students have already reacted positively to the new

environment. Phase two will look at the addition of sound and lighting as outlined in the department and faculty development plans.